Funeral and Memorial Services

Funerals are occasions for public grief when someone has died. Whilst serving the needs of the mourners Unitarian service leaders also like to respect the religious faith or world view of the person who has died. Sometimes they may differ. As we gather to bid farewell and celebrate the life of one whom we love or have known, we each will have our own personal beliefs and theological perspective. To the best of our abilities we try and construct a service that is open enough to enable all to feel enclosed within a community of love centred upon the 'Celebration of Life,' and the celebration of one life in particular.

"Our services are appropriate for those of traditional faiths or of none as, for us, the starting place is always the deceased and their family." Revd Chris Goacher (former Minister of the chapel).

A Unitarian Funeral service is always constructed with as much input from the family as possible, therefore, making it personal, meaningful, and a true celebration of life.