Something different (nearly) every week...!


Inside the chapel

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for detailed calendar of services for the current two month period.

The general pattern of services each month is as follows:

1st Sunday at 11am:
A Time for Quiet Reflection (unless a major festival/event coincides with it, in which case a Special Service may be held instead - e.g. first service of the New Year)

2nd Sunday at 11am:
a contemporary/intergenerational service, suitable for all ages.

3rd Sunday:
a traditional service at 3pm.

4th Sunday at 11am:
a contemporary/intergenerational service, suitable for all ages.

5th Sunday:
Either a Special Service, or very occasionally no service.

All are welcome at all services. The 2nd & 4th Sunday 11am services are more informal in style but we don't stand on ceremony in any of our services! The 1st Sunday Time for Quiet Reflection is relatively new and whilst featuring significant silence it may vary in other respects from month to month, depending on the facilitator/leader.

Recent services have been on topics as diverse as "Don't Worry, Be Happy", "The Tao of Unitarianism", "The Smiling Pebbles","Trust", "How to be Miserable", "Acceptance", "Spring Festivals", "The Search for Meaning", "Kindness", "Treasure", "Festivals of Light and Fire", "Coming Home", "Stories and Storytelling" etc.
One week the readings might be from the Bible and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the next week from the Bhagavad Gita and the works of Dickens or Gaskell. You can never be sure what you'll get next!

Other services and activities as announced. See the Activities Page.

All visitors and enquirers are most welcome and are invited to join us for coffee and a chat after the service.

Belper Chapel Calendar of Services: July-Aug 2018

Sun 1st 11:00 am Time for Quiet Reflection - David Burton
Sun 8th 11:00 am Worship Group
Intergenerational Service
Sun 15th 3:00 pm Alan Ruston
Traditional Service
22nd 11:00 am Fran Hill
Intergenerational Service
29th 11:00 am Jan Barrett - 'Sacred Writings'
Intergenerational Service

Sun 5th 11:00 am Time for Quiet Reflection
Sun 12th 11:00 am Anne Brown - 'History of Celtic Churches'
Intergenerational Service
Sun 19th 3:00pm Rev David Perkins: Gas Man to Good Man
Traditional Service
Sun 26th 11:00 am Rowan Beton
Intergenerational Service

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